Digital artifacts

I am the author and maintainer of the following open source tools:

  • In progress GitLab CLI: a command line tool for checking GitLab commit statuses, CI traces and more.
  • In progress PNGBot: automated compression of PNG images in the CI pipeline.
  • In progress DeLorean: scripts for rewriting Git history in real time.
  • Hercule: simple document transclusion, ideal for Markdown documents.

Physical artifacts

I enjoy cooking and making things with my hands:

  • Ultralight Duffle Bag: made from Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF).
  • Shrubs, Pickles and Sourdough. Currently I favour a poolish rye starter, with a blend of white and whole wheat flours for my sourdough.
  • Picture Frames, coffee table and someday soon cabinets and chairs.
James Ramsay @jamesr