👋 Nice to meet you. I’m James Ramsay.

At Remote I make Payroll accurate and easy no matter where your employees are located, because talented people are everywhere and the difficulties of payroll and compliance shouldn’t limit opportunities.

I enjoy growing vegetables, making furniture, and time spent with family.


  • GitLab with a focus on code review and Git storage
  • Adslot to make buying digital display advertising simple and efficient by bypassing the RTB networks

Feel free to send me email.

Professional bio:

James Ramsay is an experienced product manager focussed on the future of work at Remote (2021+) and previously GitLab (2017-2021), both pioneers of remote working.

As Principal Product Manager, Payroll at Remote, he oversaw the product development of infrastructure for processing, payments and billing of payroll in 80+ countries and over 1b USD of annualized payroll in less than 2 years.

James is an advocate for remote and asynchronous work and has practiced it since 2017 from New York (US), Erbil (IQ), and now Melbourne (AU), often with zero business hours of overlap with coworkers.