Week 31, 2017

Last week was a lovely mix of family and cycling, the perfect way to decompress. I hope to spend more time reading this week, although I did read Tolstoy’s Happy Ever After last week. I’m planning a few long rides for next week to Ballarat and perhaps also from Ballan to Geelong.

This Is How Big Oil Will Die was an interesting read this week. The fact that electric vehicles have a much longer lifespan and lower cost of running is going to make the demise of combustion engine vehicles rapid. At this point, I’m not sure if I will ever own a car. Although, it isn’t clear to me how car sharing works when you have small children (car seats) or want to put a bicycle on the roof.

I switched back to vim, specifically neovim, last year. At worst I am equally productive and have enjoyed improved performance and battery life, particularly on my tired mid-2011 MBA. This article shows how poorly Electron based editors Atom and Code perform compared to vim on startup and memory usage.

Relatedly, Firefox 58 is due out later this year boasting better performance. I’ll certainly give it a good try but it’ll face stiff competition from Safari. I switched from Chrome to Safari for battery life, but have grown to really appreciate the iCloud integration between my phone and laptop. Although, with a newer laptop that supports Handoff, this might be mitigated.

From The List of Articles to be Read, Mary Cook’s article Git from the inside out is top of my list for this week. My understanding of git is primarily based on its API, and I am very keen to better understand its internals.