Week 30, 2017

I am back in Australia concluding five and half years at Adslot. It was a great pleasure to work with and learn from many great people solving a challenging important problem. Online advertising and advertising technology is undeniably broken and few are working towards solving the underlying problems like Adslot has. I hope Adslot continues to grow and make online advertising better for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

I am looking forward to a few weeks vacation catching up with friends and family while we wait for new visas. Preparing for my departure I realised a proper vacation was long overdue.

I watched the film Land of Mine on the flight to Australia and found the narrative more interesting than I expected. We also watched the series War on Waste this week. It was thoroughly disturbing to see how much waste is produced before products even reach us, and how much we send to landfill.

Although recycling soft plastics—in which much of our food is packaged—is clearly better than sending them to landfill, the goods that can be made from soft plastics seem to of limited appeal. Instead significantly reducing the use of soft plastics is preferred. Eliminating the plastic bag is relatively straightforward in comparison to eliminating soft plastic films from packaged meat and small goods, or from breakfast cereals. I would be interested to know what a plastic free alternative might look like.