Week 28, 2017

A quiet week of work, cycling and watching professional cycling. We’ve been preparing for a trip back to Australia next week. I am particularly pleased that we will be escaping the heat and humidity of August in NYC, I much prefer the cold of Melbourne.

Like many, I read the New York Magazine article When Will The Planet Be Too Hot For Humans? It paints a terrifying picture, but for those who’ve taken even a passing interest in climate change, it’s nothing new. And I think that’s the real problem here. Virginia writes:

… the message just is not reaching the people who have the power to vote out the craven motherfuckers who refuse to consider the state of the world beyond the end of this week.

It is mind bogglingly frustrating that the survival of our planet has become politicised, such that the existence of this problem spuriously remains open to debate. Maybe in part you and I am to blame. I can hardly think of anyone I know well who doesn’t think climate change is a serious and pressing issue. Isn’t it comfortable to surround ourselves with similarly educated, similarly successful and similarly minded. But is that good for our communities? Selfishly, deep down, is it good for me? I doubt it.