Week 27, 2017

A very short week because of July 4th national holiday. We watched the fireworks over the East River with friends and enjoyed a trip to Rockaway Beach. Rather than taking the train to Rockaway, we took the ferry from Wall Street which is apparently a rather new option but undoubtedly the nicest.

From the Department of Tooling, Magic Wormhole is clever and useful. Before you try it out, watch Brian’s PyCon talk here to appreciate what is going on under the hood. Briefly, from the read me:

The wormhole tool uses PAKE “Password-Authenticated Key Exchange”, a family of cryptographic algorithms that uses a short low-entropy password to establish a strong high-entropy shared key.

Continuing my reading on inequality, I’ve started Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty. It’s probably going to take a month or two of reading to see it through.

A few weeks ago we came across a delicious cocktail, Vieux CarrΓ©. It’s boozy and absolutely delicious, but you’ll likely need to buy a few ingredients unless your cupboard is exceptionally well stocked.